Newair AI-215SS Portable Ice Maker Review

Many people find that the ability of their refrigerator/freezer to make and keep ice isn’t sufficient for all the daily needs of their family, or especially for parties. If you’re tired of struggling with bendy plastic ice trays that always seem to be empty when you need them, or waiting for hours to get more ice cubes when you’re in the middle of a party or family gathering that requires lots of ice, then the Newair AI-215SS portable ice maker might be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

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  • Weighs 44 pounds
  • 14.2” x 16.9” x 16.8”
  • Runs on standard 120 volt circuit
  • Stores up to 50 pounds of ice
  • Indicator lights for adding water or emptying the ice bin
  • Produces three sizes of cubes
  • Produces ice in 13 minutes
  • Produces 12 cubes per cycle
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Self-cleaning
  • Hold one gallon of water
  • Includes ice scoop

The Newair AI-215SS isn’t an entry-level portable ice maker. At 44 pounds, it’s still small enough to take out onto your patio for outdoor parties, and it will fit on your kitchen counters or in your RV or boat, but its big 50-pound a day capacity makes it capable of serving up enough ice for even the biggest gatherings. If you’re tired of dashing off in the middle of parties to buy bagged ice when you run out, or hate stockpiling ice in your freezer, you’ll appreciate the big capacity and short turn-around time of a unit like the Newair AI-215SS.


  • Stainless steel exterior is suitable for display in modern kitchen
  • Large viewing window lets you see when ice is availableNewair AI-215SS Portable Ice Maker
  • Compact, freestanding design
  • Runs anywhere standard household current is available
  • Doesn’t require water supply so the unit can be placed anywhere electricity is available
  • Big 50-pound daily output can keep even the largest parties supplied with ice
  • Quick 13-minute cycle means you never have to wait long for a new batch of ice


  • First few batches of ice after purchase can taste like plastic
  • Touchscreen control panel is inexpensive plastic

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Reviews and Final Word
Reviews of the Newair AI-215SS Portable Ice Maker are somewhat mixed, but generally positive. Over 65 percent of reviewers give the unit four stars or better. Some reviewers are surprised that the unit doesn’t store ice in its hopper for long periods. This is more a misunderstanding about the type of unit they’re purchasing than a defect in the Newair AI-215SS. The unit is designed to produce ice continually, not store it, and the ice it produces and dumps in the bin will slowly melt if you don’t use it. Users like the way the meltwater is simply recycled back to make more cubes.

Many users comment on the high quality of the ice, and say its hollow tubular shape is perfect for cooling drinks quickly, and easy to crush in a blender for smoothies. Reviewers are very enthusiastic about the ability of the Newair AI-215SS to make ice continuously, so they never run out even when their party lasts all day.

If you want a stand-alone icemaker that can go anywhere on a counter or can be taken outdoors, or on excursions in a camper or RV, but still need big capacity, the Newair AI-215SS portable ice maker is highly recommended.