Magic Chef MCIM22T Portable Ice Maker Review

Kitchens now have many standalone appliances that were once part of all-in-one machines, or relied solely on manpower to operate. Bread makers, juicers, high-end mixers, meat grinders, and many other labor saving devices are now common in even the smallest kitchens.

If you’ve ever wished you could have the same sort of convenience for your supply of ice, you’re in luck. There are many models of portable ice makers like the Magic Chef MCIM22T that sit on your kitchen counter and do nothing but make ice when you need it. Small and portable, they can also be brought outside for patio parties, or go on the road with you in your camper or RV. Since they don’t require any plumbing, just 110-volt electricity, you can often use them on a boat, or even tailgating at the big game.

Magic Chef MCIM22T Portable Ice Maker

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  • Portable ice maker
  • Makes 27 pounds of ice in a day
  • Makes 9 pieces of ice at a time
  • Produces three different ice sizes
  • 18” x 16.8” x 14.5”
  • Weighs 29 pounds
  • Plastic housing
  • Runs on standard 110-volt circuits
  • Consumes 600 watts when running
  • Holds 96 ounces of water

If you’re outfitting a dorm room, small apartment, or vacation house or condo, the Magic Chef MCIM22T portable ice maker can allow you to get by with just a mini-fridge for storing food while the Magic Chef supplies all the ice you need. If you’re tired of storing a lot of ice in preparation for large family gatherings or big parties, you’ll be able to rely on this portable ice maker for all your ice needs and reclaim valuable space in your freezer for storing food. You’ll save a bundle on purchasing bagged ice at the convenient store whenever you’re having a party, too.


  • Makes ice continuously so you never run out
  • Produces ice really quickly so there’s no waitingMagic Chef MCIM22T Portable Ice Maker
  • Three different cube sizes allows you to make ice for anything from cooling drinks to filling coolers
  • No plumbing necessary so you can use it anywhere standard household electricity is available
  • Meltwater from the ice bucket is recycled back into the machine to produce more ice, so there’s no mess
  • Small size fits on your kitchen countertops underneath the upper cabinets for easy placement
  • Low current draw allow you to operate the icemaker using generator power
  • Saves big money on buying party ice at convenience stores

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  • First few batches of ice can have a plastic taste

Reviews and Final Word
Almost 85 percent of reviewers give the Magic Chef MCIM22T portable ice maker at least four stars in their reviews, and a full 67 percent rate it five stars. Users point out the speed at which the unit makes ice, and say that the unit can make enough ice continuously for even their largest parties and get-togethers. Some reviewers that have owned more than one portable ice maker report that the Magic Chef MCIM22T is the quietest one they’ve seen in operation.

Like many ice makers, some reviewers say they assumed that the ice in the bucket would be kept frozen, but portable ice makers like the Magic Chef are designed to make ice continuously, not store it. The Magic Chef MCIM22T portable ice maker is inexpensive, durable, and highly regarded by its users.