Edgestar Titanium Portable Ice Maker Review

If you’ve grown weary of trying to lever ice cubes out of little plastic trays from the freezer portion of your refrigerator, and hate having to leave your parties and family gatherings to buy bagged ice when you run out, a standalone ice maker like the Edgestar Titanium might be just the thing you’re looking for. It’s portable, so you can bring it out on your patio if you’re entertaining outside, or bring it with you on an RV or camper excursion. The low price of the Edgestar could actually save customers money by making it possible to avoid purchasing a refrigerator with a hard-piped icemaker installed, and use the Edgestar Titanium to supply their entire daily and party ice needs instead.

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  • Portable ice maker
  • Produces ice in 10 minutes
  • Makes up to 28 pounds of ice a day
  • Makes ½ pound of ice per batch
  • 14.5” x 11.75” x 14.5”
  • Three cube size settings
  • Works on standard household 120 volt circuits
  • Draws 2.7 amps
  • Shipping weight 45 pounds

The Edgestar Titanium portable ice maker doesn’t require any plumbing. You just plug it in and pour in a pitcher of water, and in 10 minutes or so you’ll have ice for your drink and your cooler. Unlike the icemaker in your refrigerator, the Edgestar Titanium is designed to make ice continuously, so there’s no long wait when a batch of ice is used up.

  • Delivers usable ice in as little as 10 minutes after you turn it on
  • Selection of cube sizes perfect for cooling drinks or filling coolers
  • Low profile fits easily on kitchen counters
  • Doesn’t need dedicated water lineEdgestar Titanium Portable Ice Maker
  • Convenient viewing window so you can keep track of your supply
  • Makes ice continuously so you never run out
  • Inexpensive
  • Has clean, modern styling to look at home in any kitchen
  • Controls on front allow you to operate while the unit is pushed back to the backsplash on kitchen counters


  • First few batches of ice have plastic taste


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Reviews and Final Word
Purchasers of the Edgestar Titanium portable ice maker are overwhelmingly pleased with their purchase, with over half rating it at five stars, and over 70 percent rating it at least four stars. Some of the few users that express disappointment with the Edgestar Titanium don’t like that ice cubes in the bucket don’t stay frozen, but others point out that this is not a design flaw. The bucket is not a freezer, and the unit is designed to produce ice continuously, not make it and store it for the long term.

Users are amazed at the high quality of the ice and the speed at which it’s produced. Reviewers give it high marks for portability and versatility. Reviewers used their Edgestar Titanium on their boats, RVs, campers, at getaway cabins, at church functions, and at large family functions without any problem. Reviewers not that the low current draw of this machine lets you use it with success even if you’re relying on a generator for electricity.