Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker Review

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker is the answer to your need for clean, fresh ice whenever and wherever you want it. Just bring it with you to wherever you need ice, plug it in, pour in a pitcher of water, and in as little as six minutes you’ll have fresh ice for your drink or your cooler. If you find yourself going to convenient stores to buy bagged ice often, you’ll love the Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S ice maker’s ability to make up to 26 pounds of ice in a day.

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  • Each ice cycle produces 9 cubes of ice
  • Each cycle takes between six and nine minutes
  • Makes up to 26 pounds of ice in a day
  • Makes ice in two different sizes
  • Indicator lights signal full ice bucket and time to add water
  • Automatic overflow protection
  • Weighs 22 pounds
  • 11” x 14.8” x 14.7”
  • Runs on standard household current

Since the Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S weighs so little and can run anywhere you have standard household electricity, you can bring it to where you need ice, instead of constantly going back and forth to your refrigerator or going to the store every time you need more. If you use a dedicated icemaker like this, you can save money by omitting an automatic icemaker in your next refrigerator purchase, saving money while increasing the quality and quantity of ice you have at all times.


  • Makes ice quickly; ice cubes are ready in as little as six minutes
  • Simple, intuitive operationAvalon Bay AB-ICE26S
  • Large water reservoir for infrequent refills
  • Portability makes it perfect for outdoor parties, boats, and RVs
  • Runs on standard household current
  • Doesn’t require a dedicated water line
  • Meltwater from ice in hopper is made back into new cubes
  • Makes two different sizes of cube as desired
  • Fast freeze cycle allows you to turn it off until you need it


  • Somewhat noisy, especially at the beginning of its cycle when its bucket is empty
  • The first few batches of ice after purchase have a vaguely plastic smell

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Reviews and Final Word
The reviews of the Avalon AB-ICE26S are overwhelmingly positive. While some users report that the icemaker is noisy, they mostly refer to the sound of newly made cubes being dumped into a totally empty bucket. Once the bucket has a few cubes in it, most reviewers say that the unit is quieter in operation than other icemakers they’ve tried.

Users like the portability of the unit. They report using the icemaker on boats, in man caves, while camping and in RVs, or just having it on the kitchen counter for whenever extra guests arrive and the need for ice increases suddenly. Users also note that after the ice is produced and dumped into the hopper for use, that the unit is not a freezer and the ice slowly melts, but since the machine automatically recycles the meltwater, they don’t consider this a problem

Overall, purchasers and reviewers consider the Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker a best buy.